Articular Cartilage Problems

  • Chondroplasty (Cartilage Repair / Regrowth)
  • Cartilage Replacement
  • Osteotomy
  • Joint Replacement

Loss of articular cartilage can be localized or diffuse. Articular cartilage injury often accompanies other knee injuries including knee instability, and meniscal tears. Symptoms of cartilage injury are often non-specific and may mimic other knee problems. Symptoms may include knee pain, swelling, catching, locking, or feelings of knee instability. Often symptoms begin insidiously and become progressively severe.

Localized areas of cartilage loss may be treated arthoscopically by various techniques including internal fixation, microfracture, cartilage replacement with patient’s tissue or donor tissue, or cartilage regrowth techniques. Some of these procedures may require nonweight bearing postoperatively for up to eight weeks. Generalized cartilage loss may require osteotomy or joint replacement depending on the patient’s symptoms and age.